LED Lighting Solutions

Retail Mini-Track Shelf System

Low Voltage/Quick Fit

System features:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low Voltage (12v or 24v)/ Quick fit
  • Flexible shelf mounting system
  • Easy installation solves the ‘Plug & Sock’ shelving system issues
  • Flexible shelf layouts
  • LED shelf bars, incorporates quick release system
  • Retail/Staff friendly - staff can adapt shelving onsite to accommodate changes in merchandised product
  • Track hidden within the shelf back panels
  • Track available in standard sizes 1m, 2m & 2.5m (customs sizes available)
  • LED Bars available in standard sizes 270mm, 570m & 870mm (customs sizes available)
  • LED Bars available in warm and cool white
  • LED Bars running temperature 27°C
  • Full shelf layout design service available

Mini Adaptor EFX-MTSA for Mini-Track System

  • Low Voltage 12/24Vdc
  • Moveable within the electrical track, quick fit, push-in connector
  • To be used in conjunction with EcoFx L shaped LED lead
  • Class lll

Mini-track and adaptor back bay board routed out for accurate 35x19mm track which fits recessed to surface.

Mini-Track System Low Voltage 12/24Vdc

  • For connection of 12Vdc or 24Vdc LED Bars
  • Incl. in-feed element with 1000mm 2-core supply lead with low voltage connector
  • Anodized aluminium profile: length upon request, max. 3000 mm
  • Dim. of inst.: W 19 | H 35 mm

Quick Fit Power Connector


Multi-purpose LED Light Fitting

The Eco-FX LED Bar features patented Tri Chip technology which offers excellent thermal management and provides a life expectancy of 30,000 hours minimum. Available in various pitch options and custom lengths up to 2 metres. This LED Bar comes in red, blue, green, amber and RGB options.

  Technical 4.4w Technical 8.8w Technical 13.2w
Product Code EFX-270MLB EFX-570MLB EFX-870-MLB
Size 270mm x 20mm x 7.8mm 570mm x 20mm x 7.8mm 870mm x 20mm x 7.8mm
Beam Angle 120° 120° 120°
Input Voltage 110-265Vac 110-265Vac 110-265Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Transformer Output 4.4W 12VDC 8.8W 12VDC 13.2W 12VDC
Running Current 360mA 720mA 1080mA
Power Factor 0.95 0.95 0.95
Chip Set 3020 SMD 3020 SMD 3020 SMD
Efficiency (LOR) 98% 98% 98%
Color Temperature Warm White 2700-3250k Warm White 2700-3250k Warm White 2700-3250k
Lumen Warm White 316lm Warm White 632lm Warm White 948lm
Efficacy Warm White 71.81 lm/w Warm White 71.81 lm/w Warm White 71.82 lm/w
CRI Warm White >80 Warm White >80 Warm White >80
Internal Temperature 45° 45° 45°
Operating Temperature -40° /+50° -40° /+50° -40° /+50°
IP Rating 44 44 44